Make 6 Months of Progress in 1 Week

Intermediate drummers: Ready to leap from stuck to the path to mastery? With 1 hour/day for a week of intensive training, we’ll develop your weaknesses and discover your strengths.

123 elaborated pitch

1. You thought you were good then heard yourself and realized it’s not what it was in your head. 2. Diagnostic and planning, figuring out specific goals and 3. creating a custom plan for success and implementing

  • You Need This (are you  frustrated with ____, are you tired of _____)
  • Suspect that you could be better?
  • You’re not unhealthy, or self-defeating if you act on it!
  • I’ll help you structure your practice and progress using simple. Scientific steps
  • You’ll be on the path to Mastery of your craft.

Why Danny?

Berklee School Grad

Studied with some of the world’s greatest drummers

Taught 100s of Students

From teaching in schools to private lessons and coaching

Stage and Studio Pro

Over a decade of performing and recording professionally 

What You’ll Get

  • better time
  • playing strength, speed and clarity
  • a personalized practice plan
  • tools for self-diagnosis
  • improvisational skills
  • professional development
  • Learn to be your own best coach
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build a 5-10 year vision
  • Find your highest musical self

What Distinguishes

  • Not just licks, phrases, vocabulary
  • Deep dive into fundamentals
  • You’ll be more articulate, clear, faster, stronger, more musical
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good! Start now.

The Deal

  • Commitment: 1hr/day instruction, minimum 30m practice for one week.
  • Promise: you’ll see results, improved technic
  • The Cost: $200 for 1 week

Ready to sign up? Tell me about what you want to achieve.


  1. Headline pitch, blurb and video
  2. 123 of the pitch:
  3. Qualifications
  4. Major selling points
  5. Testimonials – DP: ask 5 people for praise and pic
  6. Apply Now – DP: Google form

Speak to the customer and answer these questions: Why this? Why now? Why this method? Why this guy? What do I get? What does it take? What does it cost? What’s different? Who else has done this and what do they think?