Danny P at the drums, in the studio

In the age where everyone has access to computers and recording software, You can make an incredible sounding recording on a very small budget in your bedroom. The only problem here, is many of the home recordings I have heard  lack the ears of an experienced audio engineer. With extensive experience in mixing, arranging, and producing I can help push your recordings to the next level.

I’ve been making records since 2010 and am currently working at a few studios here in Austin Texas. Whether you need help getting started or finishing your record, I can assist in overseeing your Project, and making sure you end up with something that is Professional sounding, and can give you an edge in the current musical climate. I have extensive experience using Cubase, Logic, Protools, Ableton, and what ever state your record or demo’s may be in, I can help guide you towards getting a great sounding mix. Some services I have provided in the past are; Tracking/Overdubbing, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Arranging, Film Scoring, and Musical Directing.

Albums I’ve Produced

This Song Is Done by J Molin, 2018

Leaves Upon The Path by Gray Parsons, 2018