Danny P at the drums, in the studio

In the age where anyone with access to a computer can make an album, there seems to still be a huge problem… Many home recordings¬†lack the ears of an experienced audio engineer. With extensive experience in mixing, arranging, and producing Danny can help push your recordings to the next level.

He’s been making recordings since 2010 and whether you need help getting started or finishing your record, you can trust that your artistic vision is in good hands and that you will get a recording that will stand out in the current musical climate. He has extensive experience using Cubase, Logic, Protools, Ableton. He is currently providing services in Tracking/Overdubbing, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Arranging, and Film Scoring.

Albums I’ve Produced

This Song Is Done by J Molin, 2018

Leaves Upon The Path by Gray Parsons, 2018

Studio Gear:

2 Channels of Golden Age Pre 73

4 Channels of Warm Audio WA412

WA76 Compressor

Apollo Interface – with a host of analog plugins

Focusrite Saffire Pro40


Mojave 301 FET

Vintage CAD E100

2 Golden Age R1 Ribbons

Sennheiser 441 Dynamic

Audix D6

Sure SM57