Gray Parsons releases new full length, “Eternal Return”

Gray Parsons was one of the first people I met when I moved to Austin in 2010. At the time he was playing Drums in a band called “The Dead Left”, spearheaded by Austin Songwriter, Neal Kassanoff. The first thing I noticed about Gray was his deep love for music, his pocket & feel, his sense of humor, and his unwavering dedication to music. Gray and I quickly became friends because we had similar interests, and I saw that I had a lot to learn from him as a musician and human.

Gray came to me with some songs that he had been recording on his Tascam 388 Tape Machine around 2016 (I think?). He had been demoing songs and was planning on recording a full-length album all analog, in mono. Gray tracked everything on this record himself and started to mix it on his 388. Being that my experience as a sound engineer came from a more digital background, I saw this as a great way to learn about the art of tape and analog mixing. We decided to dump all the 8 tracks of audio into the digital world and do a hybrid of digital/analog mixing. I had so much fun getting to work this way, that I’ve since bought my own Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, and have started to use hybrid mixing setups myself.

The album “Eternal Return” is a mix of 60’s Psychedelic, 70’s Rock, 80’s New Wave, and bits of Folks & Americana, all with the compositional range you might expect from a multi-instrumentalist such as himself. To me: these songs reflect upon a personal journey. Upon first listen, you will get an album with toe-tapping pop tunes, that are infectiously memorable, and deeply groovy. But as you listen harder you will find biblical, occult, philosophical, and humorous references in regards to what it means to be a living person living in a very peculiar modern world. You just have to listen for yourself.

I highly recommend this album to anyone, and can’t wait to see what Gray does next.

J Molin releases new full length, “Mantras”

First thing’s first, I have to thank J for coming to me with this record. When he came to me he had 6 tracks that he had previously tracked with Thomas Van Der Brook. The record was sounding great, and J had already begun mixing it. He asked me to oversee the final mixes and make small edits to what he had already done. We would get inspired by watching Lee “Scratch” Perry working in the studio with Reggae bands, and doing live dub effects. J and I ended up using lots of hardware delay units and fx to recreate some of that vibe. J’s Music is a mixture of Folk, Reggae, Dub, and Rock influences, all wrapped up in a thoughtful/spiritual package. He asks us to do some soul searching by calling the album “Mantras”, and cleverly leaving the cover blank. There are 3 thought clouds above an animated J where you can write in your favorite phrases. If you’re lucky you can get one of the first prints of the album which are hand painted by his wife and daughter. I highly recommend checking out J and his music, he is an inspiring person and a genuinely kind soul. Not only is there a lot of wisdom on this record and genuinely great life advice, but it’s catchy as hell, but there’s room in these songs to think and contemplate what makes life and art so mysterious. On this record are J Molin on guitar and Vocals, Gray Parsons on Drums, Doug Snyder on Bass, Mark Gonzales on Trombone, Kevin Flatt on Trumpet, Dan Bechdolt on Sax, and Derek Morris on Keys. This record was Mastered by Brad Bell.

J Molin “Mantras”